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Plan with us the new restructuring for your work sites as well as: offices, parking lots, cafeterias and common areas of your companies and offices



We provide painting services, home remodeling, give a new color to your spaces such as: kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, ceilings and places that you want to give a new restoration.

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About Our Company

COA Painting Inc

Our extensive experience in painting and remodeling makes us known as a suitable and professional company with the best tools and the best work team, our clients count on us and we always give the detail giving a new image to your home or company.

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For the internal and external painting service we guarantee the work and we always have the latest trends making your home or business look a pleasant environment.

The painting and restoration of cabinets, furniture will always give a unique touch and match in each environment of your home, it is essential and will make them look like new.

Epoxy paint markings for important areas such as parking lots or road markings are important, which is why our team is highly trained to highlight or create new areas.

We will provide the best options to give a new color to your stairs using the best anti-slip materials that stand out in your home or business.

Our covers will guarantee the care and preservation of your pool, that is why at COA PAINTING INC we provide the best advice and work.

For the painting of ceilings and its restoration we guarantee the work without affecting any of the decks that cover your ceiling, we use waterproof paint of the best quality.

About Our Company

COA Painting Inc

We have extensive experience in the execution of painting and remodeling projects, such as painting of cabinets, epoxy painting, ceiling painting and pressure washing as well as residential, commercial and industrial. We offer the best solution to the needs of your home, business or company.

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For our company the customer comes first so we handle a variety of colors and unique designs that will make the spaces of your home look like new without having to invest more in new furniture and cabinets for your home.

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